Pfizer Documents Analysis – WarRoom

Thank you for volunteering by clicking “Follow” to follow the Pfizer Documents Analysis – WarRoom campaign! Please follow these steps to get started as a volunteer:

  • Review and follow the Instructions for Volunteers.
  • Please note that volunteers are asked to work independently in reviewing the assigned documents unless a DailyClout team member reaches out to you about being on an assigned team.
  • Please also note the documents assigned to your first name letter to review will change within a few days of each release of Pfizer documents by the FDA.
  • An announcement will be sent out to alert you when the documents to review have been updated.
  • While reviewing the documents, please submit any findings you consider to be important using the Pfizer Findings Submission form.
  • Please note that after a submission has been made it can only be changed/corrected by a member of the DailyClout team. If such a situation arises, please send an email to Amy Kelly.
  • If you have screenshots that need to be submitted as part of your findings, please place them in this Screenshots folder.
  • Please ensure the name of the Pfizer PDF file as well as the page number in that file is included either in the screenshot and/or in the screenshot’s file name. It is also helpful if your name is part of the screenshot’s file name.
  • You will not receive confirmation emails for completing the sign-up forms or submitting findings or screenshots. Know that that does not mean we have not received your input.

  • If you have questions after following these instructions, please reach out to Amy Kelly.

We appreciate you being part of this historic project!

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